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To help with any questions or enquiries about our motorcycle training courses here at 1st Class, and to help you avoid any delay in booking your training course with us, we have compiled a list of relevant information on this page, including some of most frequently asked questions that get asked by our students. To navigate you to the information you require quickly please use the links below to help guide you.

Before contacting us please read through the following information which may answer any questions/queries you may have. 

Our Courses:

CBT: Compulsory Basic Training

This course is required by law for anyone wishing to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. At 16 years old you can only ride a 49cc moped and at 17 years old or above you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle.

The CBT only allows you to ride under the provisional conditions of your driving licence, this means you will need to have L-Plates displayed, won’t be allowed to carry a passenger, travel on motorways or ride anything larger than a 125cc machine.

Compulsory basic training (CBT) has 5 elements taken over 6hrs (4hrs off road 2hrs on road) 0800-1600.

·introduction and eyesight check

·       practical on-site training

·       practical on-site riding

·       practical on-road training

·       practical on-road riding

The CBT course can be booked through ourselves and courses are run continuously throughout the year.

The course takes place on our unique off-road training area which is by far the largest in the south west giving you the best opportunity to gain full control of your motorcycle before progressing out onto the road.

You can view our availability and prices without the need to enter any personal details. 

All course bookings are now done online with our secure online booking system.

Availability & Booking

Full Licence

To gain your full motorcycle licence you now have 3 categories to choose from:-

A – Direct Access Full UK bike licence with no restriction on what you can ride and you can carry passengers.

Minimum age: 24 (or 21 via Progressive Access from A2)

A2 – Restricted UK bike licence which allows you to ride medium sized motorcycles and you can carry passengers..

 (up to 35 kW and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.2 kW per kg). The motorcycle mustn’t be derived from a vehicle more than twice its power

Minimum age: 19

A1 – Restricted UK bike licence which allows you to ride a maximum 125cc and you can carry passengers.

(up to 11 kW and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.1 kW per kg)

Minimum age: 17

To gain one of the above licences you will need to have a valid CBT and DVSA Theory test for motorcycles. 


You can view our availability and prices without the need to enter any personal details. 

All course bookings are now done online with our secure online booking system.

Availability & Booking

Individual one to one, 1 or 2 Hour lessons and Refresher Lessons

Individual 1-to-1-hour lessons are available to book to suit your requirements. 

This lesson will get you familiar with riding a motorcycle or moped in advance of your CBT day which can make the CBT course a little easier. 

The 1-hour lesson can also be used to learn to ride with clutch and gears if the CBT was passed on an automatic machine. 

It can be used as a refresher lesson for someone who has not ridden a motorcycle /moped for a while. 

This lesson can also be used to finish a CBT if needed but is not a CBT course in its-self.

The option for this course is on the 2nd page in the drop down menu.

Availability & Booking

Additional Information

Availability & Booking

DVSA Theory test for motorcycles.

You will need to have a valid theory test to take a full licence course unless upgrading from a previous category.

For the most comprehensive practise we would recommend:
DVSA Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit available for smart phones/tablets from the app store.

I did my CBT 2 years ago and it is about to run out, do I need to take the full course again?

Yes you do.  It is not legal to do a part-CBT according to the regulations set down by the DVSA.Their guidance rules are very clear and another CBT course must be completed in full to obtain another certificate.

This is regardless of how many times you have previously taken a CBT course. The only way around this is to take your full licence.

To check availability and to secure your CBT booking, click the button below…

Availability & Booking

I want to book my full licence course but my CBT has expired. Do I need to take it again before the full licence course or is it included?

You will need to take your CBT again before you start your full licence course as it must be in date/valid for the duration of your course and tests. It is not possible to do a CBT as part of your training due to the regulations set down by the DVSA. To check availability and bookings, click the button below…

Availability & Booking

Driving Licence

To take part in any form of motorcycle training you are required to hold a UK photo driving licence which acts as your provisional motorcycle licence, you will need to produce your driving licence for all training and testing please make sure it is in date. This can be applied for from the DVLA 3 months before your 16th birthday and forms are available from the post office.

Driving Licence Summary 

ALL STUDENTS will need to bring a valid copy of their driving licence summary for their training. This enables us and you to check your current provisional entitlements. The part you need to bring looks like this picture and we can accept a screen shot on your phone or an emailed or paper copy.


Unfortunately without a valid driving licence summary to accompany your driving licence no training can take place.


This needs to be applied for before you attend and it is valid for 21 days.

How many days do I need for my full licence?

How many days training you will need to take will depend on any previous experience you may have; we have a rough guide below and are more than happy to discuss this during your CBT course or a 1-hour lesson.

We offer training courses from 1 day long to 6 days long, the price is calculated by how many days you book and which tests are booked. Our price quotes are always the guaranteed total price you will pay, we will never ask you for more money to cover insurance waivers or insurance excess!!

We offer a full range of full licence package courses from 3 days to 6 days and the prices for these are as follows. (You will need to have passed both your CBT and theory test to be able to attend your full licence course. The 6 Day VIP course includes the CBT)

Usually, these courses are booked on consecutive days but they can also be arranged to run over split days or a period of weeks if required.

It is possible to take your A1 test on your own bike. This is a cheaper way of gaining your licence as you would not need to take a full course.

How many days you take is up to you, some people only have 1 day’s training and manage to get through both A1 tests on their own bike. We would recommend just booking 1 day to begin with and see how you get on. A single day’s training cannot be booked online so you would need to contact us.

You can view our availability and prices without the need to enter any personal details. 

All course bookings are now done online with our secure online booking system.

What if I have never ridden a bike before?

It is impossible to say whether you will be ok on a moped/motorcycle without trying you on one.

As a rule if you are competent on a push bike and have recent experience then the average person does make a successful transition to a moped/motorcycle.

You will be relying on balance and co-ordination to be safe on a moped/motorcycle and this is something that is not always intuitive.

If you have no or limited experience on 2 wheels we would advise not to book anything more than a 1 hour lesson to begin with.

Do I need my own helmet and clothing?


A Helmet, Jacket and Gloves can be provided free of charge if required.

We advise on using some common sense with regards to trousers and footwear. There is no protection offered by tracksuit bottoms or trainers.

Do you offer a guaranteed pass on the full test?

We do offer a GUARANTEED PASS ON YOUR MODULE 1 TEST with our 3,4, 5 DAY and VIP A2/DAS FULL LICENCE COURSES. This means that in the highly unlikely event that you should fail your MODULE 1 TEST with us then training is free to retake the MODULE 1 test.


The TEST FEE of £15.50 only will apply.

Since the introduction of our fleet of KTM DUKE 790 motorcycles, we have had so few customers fail their MODULE 1 TEST on their first attempt and we are so confident in both the excellent handling and great manoeuvrability of these machines along with our own high standard of tuition, that we are giving this Module 1 pass guarantee to our students!

Included with all our full licence courses will be a progressed step up through machine size; from the KTM Duke 125 to the unrestricted KTM Duke 790. All these machines are the lightest and best balanced in their class and all are equipped with most up to date electronical aids such as ABS, traction control and anti-wheelie. The KTM Duke 790 is also equipped with lean angle sensitive ABS and bi directional quick shift system, enabling clutch-less changing of gears up and down. Our training days will include a minimum of 1-hour specific Module 1 test practice each day of your training and will include practice time at the test centre on a Tuesday afternoon to fully prepare you for the Module 1 test.  

We only sell courses with the tests booked in the area which you do your training, this means you are always familiar with the roads you will be taken on for the mod 2 test.  

Please feel free to come and visit us, have a chat and view our training facilities and bikes before making your decision on booking, we can also arrange a test ride on our bike’s prior to booking if required. We are proud to offer not only the largest off-road training site in the area but also the best bikes for you to take your test on.

I have tried phoning but there is no answer?

Our office is now fully automated and the phones are not answered.

We will respond to all emails at the earliest available opportunity and are often about the training area daily between 1500-1700.

You can use our website Contact Us Page or Click The Contact Button on your screen and select to either contact us, or request a call back from 1st class and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Need to change your CBT booking date?

You can change the date of your CBT booking as many times as you like FREE OF CHARGE providing we have 72hrs notice.

This can only be done via the Student Login area. It is not possible for us to do this for you.

Click The Student Log In Button Below :

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do vouchers for different courses and occasions.

Why not treat someone you know.

Doing our bit for the environment –

Going Green

In 2016 we took the decision to have Solar panels installed, these have been supplying 100% of our power throughout March to October and supplement our power usage throughout the winter months.

In 2021 we picked up our first electric powered vehicle a Super Soco CUX.

We now have 5 of these electric scooters on our fleet and they are charged by our solar system providing a zero emissions vehicle for training.


Send us an email with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
We aim to get back to you within 12-24hrs by email.


Click on our contact button on screen and select the service you wish to use (email or callback request) and fill in the selected contact form and we can give you a call back at our earliest free opportunity .

Please be aware that we can normally only call you back between 1500-1700 due to our training schedules.

We aim to answer call back requests within 48 hrs.

(This can sometimes take longer)  

If we haven’t answered your questions or query above and would like further information about any of our motorcycle training courses, or to discuss with us which motorcycle course you are best suited too, then feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to answer your query…
Although we are open from 0730 to 1700 for training the best way to contact us is via email. Emails are replied to daily. 

The office is now fully automated and no longer manned, so the phone is not answered. 

To book your training course please visit the course availability page.

Further information can be found in the book online section by following the link for the course you require.

Should you need any other information on our Training Courses not covered in the pages above please use the contact us button to send an email or request a call back. 

We aim to answer emails within 24 hours and return call backs within 72 hours. 

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